10th Avenue Model Student Applications are Open

Helder Ventures is pleased to announce that the applications are now open for 10th Avenue Student Investment teams at UBC and SFU.

The 10th Avenue Impact Investment Team is comprised of Fund Managers and Associates. To apply, send a cover letter and resume to steve@helderventures.com

Fund Manager Role Description

The fund manager position is the second year position into the 10th Avenue Investment Team program. Each year we select four fund managers for each location’s investment team. Typically, the Fund Managers are selected from the previous year’s pool of associates; however, for the inaugural year of a location’s team they will be selected with no previous experience in the team required.

A fund manager’s role is, primarily, to lead and direct the operation of the Student Team and the investment decision processes of the fund. Fund Managers are responsible for investment management, running of the weekly meetings and decision meetings, deal flow generation, leadership within deal teams, making well-informed investment decisions, and supporting associates with research, analysis, and impact-adjusted modeling. The Fund Manager’s role is crucial to the success of the fund; fund managers are given significant responsibility and space within the team to lead as they see fit and determine the best course of action throughout the year in a variety of situations in order to achieve the highest level of success for the team and the managed fund.

Associate Role Description

The associate position is the entry position into the 10th Avenue Investment Team program. Each year we select four new associates for each location’s investment team. After a successful year, associates are given an opportunity to transition to Fund Managers in their second year of the program.

An associate’s role is, primarily, to pro-actively support the Fund Managers in the operation of the Student Team and decision-making process of the fund while learning quickly on-the-go. Associates are given responsibility to complete research on ventures, go through the due diligence process, assess the impact ventures and businesses are making, create innovative, impact-adjusted financing models, and collaboratively make decisions in the investment decision process. The associate’s role is an integral one; associates are given significant responsibility within the team to support and work with the Fund Managers towards the overall success of the team and the managed fund.

Time Commitment

The 10th Avenue Investment Team does not have a required amount of hours to be put into it. As the cliché goes, ‘the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it’. That being said, previous student cohorts have reported spending an average of 5 - 10 hours per week on the team. We look for students who are engaged in other extra-curricular programs, but are not carrying such full schedules as to hinder their flexibility or school performance were they to join the 10th Avenue team. Our belief will always be that your schooling must come first before the management of the fund.

Application Process

Due to high demand for this opportunity we have a competitive process to determine each new cohort.

Please send resumes and cover letters to Steve Petterson at steve@helderventures.com

Our decision process will happen rapidly, please see the following dates for reference.

  • Application Deadline: September 16th 2018 @ 3pm –Selected students will be notified and asked to sign up for interview times immediately

  • Round 1 Interviews: September 17th – September 19th

  • Round 2 Interviews: September 20th – September 21st

  • Final Decisions Announced: September 22nd @ 2pm

  • Launch Event: September 25th @ 6pm

To learn more, visit 10thavenue.ca.